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Tea with Lili

I probably should have posted this before Mother’s Day, but c’est la vie.

It’s good for any gift giving scenario.

Professor Lianna's Coffee Lecture

My step daughter is 3 1/2, the most knowledgeable toddler age!  I often get up super early with her on weekends.  After I make her breakfast I can begin my morning coffee ritual.  The caffeine gods must be appeased.  Lili is at that age where she likes to recite all the facts she knows about any object she sees.  I am often the recipient of a thoroughly researched lecture on coffee.  Having heard the lecture numerous times, I am familiar with the highlights.  If you would like to benefit from her wealth of coffee knowledge, see the notes!

When I asked Lili what we should make for the Grandmas, she said, “Tea!”  So tea it was.  I saw this awesome blog on Pinterest (obviously).  Originally it was intended for Valentine’s day….  But I live on the edge.

As I went through the process, I added a few tips of my own which I will list below.

Tip #1 Don’t let the toddler determine the amount  of tea for the tea bags.

Tip #2 Don’t let the toddler carry the finished product.  Especially if the lid is not secured tightly.

Tip #3 Make sure the recipient is not allergic to any components of the tea.  Like cats.

Tip #4 Don’t put cats in your tea.

MATERIALS: coffee filters, embroidery floss, sewing needle, scissors, crayons, glue, paper, loose leaf tea, puppies, rainbows, hugs, sunbeams etc…

STEP 1:  Make your tags!  I had Lianna color on one side of multiple sheets of paper.  This was her favorite part.

Blog Photos2

STEP 2: prepare your coffee filters!  Fold the coffee filter in half, and then make another fold.   Cut out into a half a heart, and it turns into two hearts.

Blog Photos3

STEP 3:  Prepare for heart surgery!  Start sewing at the top of the heart where the two sides meet.  When you start, put the knotted end of the thread on the inside of the heart.  Using small stitches, sew along the edges of the heart.  Sew about 2/3 of the way around the heart.

Blog Photos4

STEP 4: Load up!  I put 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea in the heart before sewing it the rest of the way.  When you finish sewing, leave the remaining thread long enough to attach the heart tags.  If you have a heart-shaped hole punch I strongly suggest you use it!  I do not.  So I cut the hearts out by hand.  They are less than perfect.  Far less.

Blog Photos5

STEP 5:  Presentation!  I picked up some boxes from the dollar store.  I lined the box with tissue paper.  Before I set the tea bags inside, I wrapped the thread around each tea bag and tucked the tag in.  That way they don’t get tangled up!

Blog Photos6

We made the bow using this tutorial.  I will be using it for all future wrapping projects.  So cute & helpful!  I searched & searched for homemade bows, and this was my favorite tutorial!  You should check out her blog; I am absolutely enamored.

That was our Mother’s Day!  Both Grandmas loved it  🙂  For obvious reasons.

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Bottle, not throttle!

There are lots of opinions about weddings.  You could say, too many opinions.  I would never say that, of course.  But someone could.  What kept me sane during the madness of wedding planning were the projects.  I am a huge fan of the DIY.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and was inspired!  So when something goes awry I recommend you bottle, not throttle!

STEP 1: I started going to Goodwill and collecting all the tiny bottles I could find.  I considered having a variety of colors but in the end I went with clear.  I was a little worried about not having enough for all the guests so I picked up a set of min-jars with corks at Michael’s.  They don’t have them online, but Amazon does: http://www.amazon.com/Mini-Glass-Jars-Stoppers-10ml/dp/B007XV10HQ/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1366494233&sr=8-3&keywords=jar+cork One thing I advise you avoid is using those with twist lids.  The corks don’t look as good on a twist jar, in my humble opinion.  You can also buy a variety of corks at the craft store if you lose any!Image

STEP 2: The etching process!  My (now) Aunt Robin was an absolute LIFESAVER in this part of the bottling   I could not have done this without her!  My original plan was to cut out a stencil by hand and etch each bottle one by one.  This was a very foolish notion.  Robin has magical powers with which she can cut out intricate lettering onto contact paper in mere minutes!  She calls this magic “Cricket.”  Before I consulted with Magic Aunt Robin I bought etching creme.  Here’s the brand I used:

Bottles Etching

A little pricey at about $30 for 10 oz, but I would need a lot (or so I thought).  Again, so foolish!  Magic Aunt Robin informed me that not only does it take very little etching creme, but it is re-usable.  With that in mind, if you are working on any etching projects I suggest you get the smallest bottle.  Here is what step two looked like:


Once the etching cream finished its work it looked like this:


My ever helpful relatives helped fill them with lemonade before the ceremony and I made a little sign to display with them.  Here’s what they looked like during the setup:


You could even make little tags to attach to each bottle!  Have your initials and the date?  Any way you display the bottles, they are super cute!  Love Potion!  Make them!  Do it!  Bottle not throttle!

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