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An appropriate use of an inappropriate “novel.”

Paper Dahlias

Paper Dahlias

I love books.  A lot.  Most people who have met me know this.  I tend to get a lot of books as gifts, which is AWESOME.  Every once in a while someone passes along something wretched.  Something painful.  Something that leaves young female minds believing they should throw themselves off cliffs when their boyfriend leaves.   Something that…..  sparkles.

Before I discovered the glory of Pinterest I was at a loss as to what I should do with such gifts.   Should I have a bonfire?  I tried selling them to used bookstores, but no one would take them.   Now, however, I have the perfect outlet!

I just rolled each page into a cone and glued the edges down.  Then I glued them onto a circular piece of cardboard.  Super easy and super cute.  You can head to GoodWill and pick up a few paperbacks if you don’t have any less than desirable novels lying around.  They make great gifts!

This was one of the easiest pieces of artwork I have ever made.  And the simpler the task the more wine can be consumed.  Let me just tell you, I had a wine-tastic evening making the dahlias.

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